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Mercury Retrograde Crystal Kit

The planet of communication goes into retrograde three times a year. To ease your process with the energies, we have created a crystal set for you to carry or add to your gridwork.


Set includes of each of: Amazonite, Hematite, Quartz, Amethyst, Fluorite, Black Tourmaline, Aquamarine, & Blue Lace Agate OR Blue Chalcedony

It comes with a pouch to carry them in as well.



Amazonite - helps you to speak with grace and clarity, gentle clear communication, calms during anxiety and stress.

Hematite - for grounding and removing negative energy from your field

Quartz - clarity and focus

Amethyst - protection, clear thought, soothes anxiety

Fluorite - emits peace and harmony, releases stress and anxiety, restores balance by removing negative energies on all levels

Black Tourmaline - a favorite to remove negative energies and for protection. Also assists in releasing fear, anxiety, and chaotic energies.

Aquamarine - soothing, aids clear communication. Also supports "going with the flow"

Blue Lace Agate - gentle support of the Throat Chakra. Aids in the verbal expression of thoughts and feelings. Counteracts fear of judgement.



Mercury Retrograde Crystal Kit

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