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Hekate: Goddess of Witches

Tarot reader Weber (The Morrigan) sets out to explore "the old myths while offering contemporary reflections" on the goddess Hekate. She begins with a brief history of the goddess, going back to the sixth century BCE, when she was popularized as a guide of ghosts and lost souls, a guardian of the crossroads, and goddess of magic. References to mythology, poetry, and works of art show how symbolic items and animals have varied across cultures and time periods. Weber emphasizes that "magick is a creative process and thrives with personal touch" and suggests ways for practitioners to personalize the concepts covered using contemplative journaling. Different rituals to call on Hekate—partially based on ancient and folk practices—are outlined in each chapter, and each can be adapted to suit one's needs. For instance, Weber suggests Hekate's role as a torchbearer can be used in spells to guard the home or seek clarity during dark times, and her relationship with the dead can be used to call on helpful spirits or release psychological "ghosts" that haunt the mind. Additional ideas are collected in a grimoire at the book's end. Weber's accessible workbook is a solid primer on ways to call on the well—known goddess.

Hekate: Goddess of Witches

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