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Elevate your life with good vibrations!

The Alchemist Den is the only black-woman(2) owned business, where metaphysical meets herbal apothecary, located in historic downtown Austell and is brought to you by creatives and forward-thinkers, with the drive and wherewithal to dare to revolutionize your idea of an amazing, out-of-this-world shopping experience!

Perched on the outskirts of Atlanta, GA, the location is a perfect place to pay homage to the land it sits on and the way it came to be. Austell is said to have been frequented by game hunters and trappers and early visitors who claimed the nearby waters of Lithia Springs had medicinal properties, becoming a destination for therapeutic healing.


In earlier years its' economy was tied to a rail depot that transferred goods and people giving them hope for better pay and quality of life. In fact, the train passes the storefront daily as visitors watch and seek photo ops, coming from all over the world to scope out the scene. The town was named for a banker by the name of Alfred Austell in honor of his work to build two branches of the Southern Railway.


It is in this vein that we are honored to bring to you a place that marries two lifestyle brands with the notions of love, light, healing, elevation, divinity, and all around ascension! We honor those who have come before us, those who hold space for us, and invite you to also delight in this space that brings such heritage and the eclectic wealth of creativity and offerings under one roof. Our brands at Love & Light Heal​ and Millenheirs have become synonymous with creativity, healing, and elevation.


Not only do we try to uplift our community, showcase fellow artisans, and host workshops on behalf of other amazing practitioners but in true to life form, we are the alchemists who have turned a once a desolate location into a thriving and tangible manifestation of wealth and health, providing products that will help to elevate your life! 

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