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Thunder Magic

For thousands of years in comparative isolation, the Chinese developed powerful systems of magic largely still unknown in the West. This series of books, perhaps for the first time in English, give a workable and practical introduction to Chinese magic and sorcery. In this book are the secrets of Thunder Magick, one of the most respected and feared of the many branches of Chinese sorcery. Thunder magic harnesses the yang forces of nature in a kind of yogic sadhana and use of spells and talismans. This compact volume shows you how.

The mysteries of Chinese occultism have long been hidden from the West, largely due to the cultural and language barriers between us. Also because of the reluctance of the Chinese Masters to part with their knowledge. For this reason, we are producing this series of books to fill that gap in the knowledge of most western magicians. This knowledge comes from both oral and written sources that can only be found in Chinese communities. The author has travelled extensively in China and Malaysia and personally learned under several teachers from a school of practical magic known as Maoshan. Maoshan is a school of magic dealing with the interaction of the seen and unseen worlds, with a knowledge base dating back thousands of years to the time of the ancient shaman kings who ruled that area of China known as the Sichuan Plateau. Over many generations, the Maoshan school developed hundreds if not thousands of unique techniques to alleviate the challenges of life as well as to explore our spiritual nature and that of the cosmos. Maoshan, the school devoted to practical magic is unveiled in these books for the first time in the English language. We hope this opens a door to the mysterious world of the ancient Chinese sorcerers. Forthcoming volumes include Thunder Magic. Secrets of Chinese necromancy. Chinese love and sex magic and alchemy. Mysteries of Chinese Star magick. Chinese talismanic magick.

Reader Ryan Hampton Review:

Thunder Magick by Jason Read is a first of its kind translation. For anyone interested in the study of Taoist Nei Kung this is a very important read, and don't let the length of this book fool you. For most, the subject of developing inner power and the dantian is often full of cryptic information and misunderstandings that have been strung together over the years, of people trying to understand this elusive subject. Jason Read is an amazing translator, that for the first time has come forward, with specific direct knowledge and instructions on the psycho—energetic dynamics, of what is occurring and is done on this subject that has been kept secret or only written cryptic for so long. Reading this book is your chance to leave the world of internet forums that are mostly full of half understanding people trying to capitalize on their limited knowledge. Jason is a translator of ancient Chinese which is basically a dead language. His information is accurate, specific and direct. The book does tend to lean more to the religious aspects of Taoism and covers information that I have seen very few in the English speaking world. The methods of Maoshan are similar to the closed—door methods of other Taoist lineages. Even if you are only interested in understanding the psycho—energetic dynamics of Taoist Nei Kung, this book covers that in detail and the religious principles of where these practices come from. Many have not been fortunate enough to have found someone qualified in this subject and have searched only to find partial information, that usually has cost people loss of time and money. This is a first opportunity to leave that all behind and finally learn the information that you have been looking for. This is just the beginning of Jasons works and I hope that they may be featured in Taoist conferences in the United States. I have yet to see any book written with the amount of detail and accurate information on this subject yet.

Thunder Magic

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