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Considering a thought Partner?

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Not to be confused with a reading, I am a thought partner. There is a different level of intuition and exchange that happens there. Having a thought partner relies heavily on reciprocal conversation.


A thought partnership is "the practice of sharing ideas and expertise with each other to help navigate complex challenges." So if you are looking for someone who helps challenge your thinking,  are truly seeking ways to modify or change your paradigms, assumptions, or actions then you may want to give it a try. Have you ever heard someone say, "tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear?" From a thought partner's perspective, this means we can help if you are seeking information or a way of thinking that will help provoke you to innovate or otherwise lead to value creation in your business/career, relationship, or life.


Whether you are an individual, coach, consultant, or executive, having a thought partner can be a valuable asset!  If you need a thought partner, look no further!

Having a thought partner brings value by providing: 

  • sounding board

  • challenge your thoughts/processes

  • adding biased or non-biased perspective

  • inspiration to strategy

  • engage in more profound thought (principles, ideas, disciplines, etc.)

  • helping create a blueprint for progress

  • accountability partnership

  • generate creative ideas for you to run with

  • reframe problems for insight, inspiration, or figuring out what your needs and wants are 

Thought Partner/Thinking collaborative consulting:

-Relationships/connections   -Spirituality

-Career                                          -New Opportunities

-Mental exploration                  -Communication

-Financial                                     - Creative blockages

-Future Goals & Desires           -Parenting

-Dreams                                         -healing & trauma

-Single & Dating                        -connecting actions

-Transition                                       to the mission

-Business                                      -diversity, equity,  & inclusion

-Content Creation

-Commercial/Retail/Brand color consulting

A compelling thought partner can be: 

  • A Colleague, in a sense, is someone knowledgeable about the industry or business, profession, or discipline.

  • A  Companion, someone who either has been on or is currently is traveling the same path.

  • A trustworthy Confidant, someone with whom you can share insecurities and doubts, etc.

  • A special kind of Coach, someone who is especially adept at helping their partner consciously reflects on and talk about thoughts about critical issues and challenges.


A good thought partner can: 

1. Be a sounding board

2. See things you don't see

3. Watch for patterns and make connections you dont

4. Hear when you are running up against self doubt vs external factors.

5. Help you organize ideas into steps 

6. Help you see your ideas though

7. Hold you to your values and long-term goals

8. Keep you working in your zone of genius

9. Help you discover your own path

10. Share relevant resources

11.Notice your biases

12. Celebrate with you

If it still sounds like a good fit, schedule a consultation. Let's talk....I am here for it!

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