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Beyond the Secret

A new package for this refreshing approach to the Law of Attraction.

Since 2006, millions of readers have discovered Rhonda Byrne's The Secret. Although Lisa Love generally approves of the over-all message of the bestseller, she does have some concerns about how the Law of Attraction is being used.

This is a book about the appropriate use of the Law of Attraction. Love sagely notes that the Law of Attraction is not just about "getting" and ego gratification. In the popular imagination, the Law of Attraction has often become a tool for a "gimme" sensibility.

Love's position is that the Law of Attraction is really about spiritual abundance. It is an essential tool for spiritual wealth, for becoming better and more mature. It is about spiritual growth, psychological integration, and, ultimately, connecting with Spirit. Used appropriately, it is not just about getting, but getting what is good and appropriate for us and those around us.

Lisa Love makes the Law of Attraction accessible to everyone, revealing essential insights on how to discover true and lasting life satisfaction.

Beyond the Secret teaches you to:

*Understand what Spirit wants for you in this life

* Use the Law of Attraction to gain insight into yourself and your destiny

* Create and maintain a deeply satisfying sense of spiritual fulfillment and to be a better person

Beyond the Secret

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