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Real Toltec Prophecies

The Aztec calendar is divided into natural time cycles known as Suns, each lasting 6,625 years. We're undergoing the shift from the Fifth Sun to the Sixth Sun, a 29-year transitional period that is both challenging humankind and offering new opportunities for healing and realignment. 

In this book, Sergio Magaña (Ocelocoyotl) explores the ancient Toltec wisdom and insight around this long-anticipated transition, outlining the global events already evidencing change and highlighting the significance of the years 2012, 2021, and 2026. He offers guidance through the movements of the Suns, the underworlds, the collective unconscious, and the unresolved imbalances we're currently navigating, and shares ancient breathing practices and lucid dreaming exercises to help us reconnect with our true selves. 

Through embracing this vital inner work, we're taking the first steps toward dreaming our waking world into existence, a world in which we can heal, thrive, and look within to create a new stage of collective consciousness.

Real Toltec Prophecies

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